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We have developed an exciting and unique education event for anyone who is looking to renovate for profit full time, or as a way of supplementing their income while holding down a full time job. If you’re looking to get started in, or further your existing education in property investment, your search ends here.

  • Get started with our 2.5 hour, FREE renovation training event to learn the basics.
  • Take your property education to the next level with our 3 Day Real Estate Accelerator Workshop and accompanying course material!
  • Inquire about ongoing training, mentoring, coaching and other resources that can accelerate your progress even faster.
  • Whatever your skill level, we have the training and resources you need to be successful!

Both the 2.5 hour renovation training event and the comprehensive, 3 Day Accelerator Workshop are designed to teach people from all walks of life how to become professional, savvy & creative property investors, who specialize and use property renovating as their wealth creation strategy. Our trainers are all experienced, hands-on professionals who have mastered our methods and strategies.

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