Sell your flip faster by doing this one cheap and easy thing! You'll be surprised at how important this is to your house flipping business.

Do You Want to Sell Your Flip Faster? Try This One Easy Thing!

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Want to know the best way to flip a house? The secret to getting the best and fastest results as you find and flip houses isn’t complicated at all, and it’s not expensive, either. In fact, it’s really simple and really cheap!

If you didn’t know it already, curb appeal is everything when it comes to house flipping. When you’re on the hunt for houses to flip, you may be able to look beyond an un-mowed lawn and a bad paint job, but your potential homebuyers won’t. They’ll see those things as representations of what the house looks like on the inside, and they won’t even give the house a second look.

When you have a house flip that needs a lot of work or that you’re anxious to get on the market, you can sell it faster with a little bit of advertising, but it also needs to look presentable – thus, the importance of curb appeal.

Mow the Lawn and Trim the Hedges

Houses that look like they’ve been abandoned and vacant for some time, take much longer to sell and don’t sell for nearly as much money. The sooner you can get your house flip looking like someone’s actually been taking care of it, the better. Before you start seriously rehabbing, get your mower and a pair of hedge clippers out and go to town on the front lawn and any scraggly bushes and shrubs.

Start From the Outside and “Move In”

Once the is lawn cleaned up and looking more presentable, you probably still aren’t ready to put a “For Sale” sign out yet, but you’re actually closer than you might think. The best way to flip a house fast is to get it looking good on the outside to attract market interest as soon as possible. So, once you’ve had the property inspected and you’ve evaluated everything your house flip needs, start on the exterior.

Consider these questions. Does the house need a new roof or does the roof just need to be pressure washed to remove mold and debris? Does it need a new paint job? How is the lawn looking? Focus on these repairs and improvements first with your rehab. Then, once they’re done, take a look at your house flip again from the curb. Even if you haven’t done anything at all to the inside yet, the house will look like it’s in great shape and ready to sell even if it isn’t.

Now is the perfect time to put a “For Sale” sign out to start garnering interest in the property. Of course, you obviously won’t be showing it yet, but if interested buyers call just tell them that it’s not ready to show yet, but you’ll be happy to let them know when it is. Before you’ve even finished rehabbing, you’ll have a list of potential buyers ready to look at your flip, and you’ll be earning a profit in no time!

Quick and Easy Details to Help Improve Curb Appeal

While you’re working on the exterior of your flip, pay attention to the small details. If you spend a little bit of time and money planting a few flowers around the mailbox, sprucing up the shrubbery around the house, and/or hanging attractive curtains in the windows, you’ll notice a major difference in the appearance of the house, and so will potential buyers when they drive by.

I have been following these curb appeal tips for years. I’ve always loved these easy, inexpensive ways to improve a house flip and get it sold as fast as possible.

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